The is the class used to instantiate you application.
BearFramework\App {

/* Properties */
public readonly BearFramework\App\Addons $addons
public readonly BearFramework\App\Assets $assets
public readonly BearFramework\App\CacheRepository $cache
public readonly BearFramework\App\Classes $classes
public readonly BearFramework\App\Contexts $contexts
public readonly BearFramework\App\DataRepository $data
public readonly BearFramework\App\Logs $logs
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request $request
public readonly BearFramework\App\Routes $routes
public readonly BearFramework\App\Shortcuts $shortcuts
public readonly BearFramework\App\URLs $urls

/* Methods */
public __construct void )
self addEventListener string $name , callable $listener )
self dispatchEvent string $name [, mixed $details ] )
void enableErrorHandler ( [ array $options = [] ] )
    public static 
BearFramework\App get void )
bool hasEventListeners string $name )
self removeEventListener string $name , callable $listener )
void run void )
void send BearFramework\App\Response $response )

public readonly BearFramework\App\Addons $addons
Provides a way to enable addons and manage their options.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Assets $assets
Provides utility functions for assets.
public readonly BearFramework\App\CacheRepository $cache
Data cache.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Classes $classes
Provides functionality for registering and autoloading classes.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Contexts $contexts
Provides information about your code context (the directory its located).
public readonly BearFramework\App\DataRepository $data
A file-based data storage.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Logs $logs
Provides logging functionality.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request $request
Provides information about the current request.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Routes $routes
Stores the data about the defined routes callbacks.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Shortcuts $shortcuts
Allow registration of $app object properties (shortcuts).
public readonly BearFramework\App\URLs $urls
URLs utilities.
public __construct ( void )
public self addEventListener ( string $name , callable $listener )
Registers a new event listener.
public self dispatchEvent ( string $name [, mixed $details ] )
Calls the registered listeners (in order) for the event name specified.
public void enableErrorHandler ( [ array $options = [] ] )
Enables an error handler.
public static BearFramework\App get ( void )
Returns the application instance.
public bool hasEventListeners ( string $name )
Returns TRUE if there are registered event listeners for the name specified, FALSE otherwise.
public self removeEventListener ( string $name , callable $listener )
Removes a registered event listener.
public void run ( void )
Call this method to find the response in the registered routes and send it.
public void send ( BearFramework\App\Response $response )
Outputs a response.
Bearframework\App\BeforeSendResponseEvent beforeSendResponse
An event dispatched before the response is sent to the client.
BearFramework\App\SendResponseEvent sendResponse
An event dispatched after the response is sent to the client.
Location: ~/src/App.php
The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.