Performance optimizations in v1.1.10
Checking the existence of a data key is now faster thanks to optimizations in the object storage library used by Bear Framework.

Resizing assets is now faster too. Fewer disk requests are now needed to perform this operation.

Bear Framework is responsible for powering Bear CMS, and now thousands of websites will benefit these optimizations. Download the latest version to improve your apps too.
Version 1.1.8 now officially supports PHP 7.4
A few changes were made to support the latest version of PHP. You can download the latest Bear Framework version from the GitHub repository or Composer.
Version 1.1 is out now
Hey, awesome news!

A new Bear Framework version is available for download at GitHub and Composer. It's focused on performance and provides more control when initializing the Cache API. Read more at

Sharing and staring on GitHub are highly appreciated.
Version 1.0 is not the beginning nor the end!
Today, we mark a big milestone for Bear Framework and I am glad to share with you the journey so far. My name is Ivo Petkov and I've been making web apps for more than 18 years. I've had the privilege to work on many different web-related projects that gave me practical knowledge of developing and running websites and online services. PHP, HTML, and JavaScript are the languages I use the most, but the architecture is the thing closest to my heart. In my opinion, great architecture is one of the key parts of a successful project (the others are mostly business related).