Bear Framework is one of the easiest PHP frameworks you can find. See for yourself.

Getting started

Download and install - Build your first Bear Framework project in under a minute.
Create and configure your app - Let's make a simple app.


Routing - Helps you map requests to specific handlers (easily respond to requests).
Request - All the information you need about the current HTTP request.
Data - Store and retrieve data from an object storage.
Cache - Store frequently used data for later usage (can improve performance).
Assets - Image resizing and files delivery are easier than ever.
Addons - Add functionality to your application. Share functionality with others.
Logs - Log everything you find useful.
Contexts - Split your app in logical parts. A better way to share and reuse code.


Browse a full list of the Bear Framework classes.

The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.