Logs repository
BearFramework\App\Logs {

/* Methods */
public self log string $name string $message [, array $data = [] ] )
self setLogger BearFramework\App\ILogger $logger )
self useFileLogger string $dir )
self useNullLogger void )

public self log ( string $name , string $message [, array $data = [] ] )
Logs the data specified.
public self setLogger ( BearFramework\App\ILogger $logger )
Sets a new logger.
public self useFileLogger ( string $dir )
Enables a file logger for directory specified.
public self useNullLogger ( void )
Enables a null logger. The null logger does not log any data and does not throw any errors.
Location: ~/src/App/Logs.php
The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.