Provides information about the current request.
BearFramework\App\Request {

/* Properties */
public string|null $base
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Cookies $cookies
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\FormData $formData
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Headers $headers
public string|null $host
public string|null $method
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Path $path
public int|null $port
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Query $query
public string|null $scheme

/* Methods */
public __construct ( [ bool $initializeFromEnvironment false ] )
string|null getURL void )

public string|null $base
The base URL of the request.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Cookies $cookies
The request cookies.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\FormData $formData
The request POST data and files.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Headers $headers
The request headers.
public string|null $host
The request hostname.
public string|null $method
The request method.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Path $path
The request path.
public int|null $port
The request port.
public readonly BearFramework\App\Request\Query $query
The request query string.
public string|null $scheme
The request scheme.
public __construct ( [ bool $initializeFromEnvironment = false ] )
public string|null getURL ( void )
Returns the request URL or null if the base is empty.
Location: ~/src/App/Request.php
The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.