Provides information about the response form data items.
BearFramework\App\Request\FormData {

/* Methods */
public self delete string $name )
bool exists string $name )
BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem|null get string $name )
BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataFileItem|null getFile string $name )
BearFramework\DataList|BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem[] getList void )
string|null getValue string $name )
BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem make ( [ string|null $name [, string|null $value ]] )
self set BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem $dataItem )

public self delete ( string $name )
Deletes a form data item if exists.
public bool exists ( string $name )
Returns information whether a form data item with the name specified exists.
public BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem|null get ( string $name )
Returns a form data item or null if not found.
Returns a file data item or null if not found.
Returns a list of all form data items.
public string|null getValue ( string $name )
Returns a form data item value or null if not found.
public BearFramework\App\Request\FormDataItem make ( [ string|null $name [, string|null $value ]] )
Constructs a new form data item and returns it.
Sets a form data item.
Location: ~/src/App/Request/FormData.php
The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.