Why you need a framework?

You might have never considered using a framework for your web app. Maybe because you don't want to spend time researching and testing, maybe you have not found one you like, but once you find the right one - it pays off.


A framework helps you focus on what's unique in your project, rather than the technology and edge cases (like requesting missing page). It also provides tools you might need (request handling, assets helpers, data storage, logging, etc.).

A strong foundation

You can expect that the framework does its job efficiently and as expected, so no need to reinvent the wheel. You may also receive updates and fixes from the maintainers that bring improvements to your projects without doing the hard work yourself.

A set of tools

A framework is nothing more than a set of tools that can help you do your job in a better way. Better tools can make you more efficient and teach you alternative ways to accomplish tasks. We think we've created such tools, so we encourage you to try Bear Framework.