What Bear Framework is?

Bear Framework is just a set of tools that can help you do your job more efficiently. It can be a great foundation for small and large web projects. It's fast and made to last.

Easy to learn

We think basic HTML and PHP knowledge is enough to start building your web apps. We wanted to create a framework that will look familiar and will empower you without spending countless hours on tutorials, books and videos.

Easy to start, easy to use

Bear Framework has no other dependencies than PHP itself, and it's really easy to install. The API is simple and consistent, yet powerful. Browsing through our example code will be enough to see how easy to use is the framework.

Extendable, and that's very powerful

We know one framework can't have all features needed in it's core. So we've made addons a first-class citizen. Using and developing addons is just like developing your app. We made a lot of effort to achieve this, and we think it's really important.