What Bear Framework is not?

Bear Framework is not your average framework. It doesn't have MVC build it - not all of us use it, and not all web apps require it. It doesn't have ORM build in - there are many different databases and libraries available. It doesn't have template engine build in - there are many different choices.

The ultimate framework

Rather than making it too specific, we've decided to make a framework that has great core and ability to be extended easily to fit your specific needs. You can easily use your favorite libraries, template engines and database clients.

Framework that requires strict way of coding

Bear Framework does not require you to spend countless hours on tutorials, just to make a simple todo app. We believe basic HTML and PHP knowledge is enough to do your job, and Bear Framework should help you do this more efficiently.

Build to sell books and conference tickets

Bear Framework's only goal is to be useful and to make you more productive as a developer. It will be cool if someday there are branded T-shirts and hoodies and even an official Bear Framework conference, but this is not the goal. We want Bear Framework to be helpful first, then cool.