BearFramework\Addon {

/* Properties */
public readonly string $dir
public readonly string $id
public readonly array $options

/* Methods */
public __construct string $id string $dir , array $options )
    public array 
toArray void )
string toJSON void )

public readonly string $dir
The directory where the addon files are located.
public readonly string $id
The id of the addon.
public readonly array $options
The addon options. Available values: - require - An array containing the ids of addons that must be added before this one.
public __construct ( string $id , string $dir , array $options )
public array toArray ( void )
Returns the object data converted as an array.
public string toJSON ( void )
Returns the object data converted as JSON.
Location: ~/src/Addon.php
The information on this page is created for version 1.1 of Bear Framework and may not be applicable for other versions of the framework.