The is the class used to instantiate and configure you application.

BearFramework\App {

    /* Constants */
    const string VERSION

    /* Properties */
    public \BearFramework\App\Config $config
    public \BearFramework\App\Request $request
    public \BearFramework\App\Routes $routes
    public \BearFramework\App\Logger $logger
    public \BearFramework\App\Addons $addons
    public \BearFramework\App\Hooks $hooks
    public \BearFramework\App\Assets $assets
    public \BearFramework\App\Data $data
    public \BearFramework\App\Cache $cache
    public \BearFramework\App\Classes $classes
    public \BearFramework\App\Urls $urls
    public \BearFramework\App\Images $images
    public \BearFramework\App\Container $container
    public static \BearFramework\App $instance

    /* Methods */
    public __construct ( void )
    public void initialize ( void )
    public \BearFramework\App\AppContext|\BearFramework\App\AddonContext getContext ( string $filename )
    public void run ( void )
    public void respond ( BearFramework\App\Response $response )
    public void __clone ( void )
    public void __wakeup ( void )
    public object __get ( string $name )
    public boolen __isset ( string $name )



BearFramework\App::getContext - Creates a context object for the filename specified
BearFramework\App::initialize - Initializes the environment and context data
BearFramework\App::respond - Outputs a response
BearFramework\App::run - Call this method to start the application. This method outputs the response.
BearFramework\App::__construct - The constructor
BearFramework\App::__isset - Returns information about whether the service is added in the dependency injection container
BearFramework\App::__clone - Prevents multiple app instances
BearFramework\App::__get - Returns an object from the dependency injection container
BearFramework\App::__wakeup - Prevents multiple app instances