Data storage

BearFramework\App\Data {

    /* Methods */
    public array get ( array $parameters )
    public void set ( array $parameters )
    public void append ( array $parameters )
    public void duplicate ( array $parameters )
    public void rename ( array $parameters )
    public void delete ( array $parameters )
    public array search ( array $parameters )
    public array execute ( array $commands )
    public void makePublic ( array $parameters )
    public void makePrivate ( array $parameters )
    public boolean isPublic ( string $key )
    public boolean isValidKey ( string $key )
    public string getFilename ( string $key )
    public string getKeyFromFilename ( string $filename )



BearFramework\App\Data::append - Appends data to the object specified. If the object does not exist, it will be created.
BearFramework\App\Data::delete - Deletes the object specified and it's metadata
BearFramework\App\Data::duplicate - Creates a copy of the object specified
BearFramework\App\Data::execute - Executes multiple commands
BearFramework\App\Data::get - Retrieves object data for specified key
BearFramework\App\Data::getFilename - Returns the filename of the object key specified
BearFramework\App\Data::getKeyFromFilename - Returns the key name of the object filename specified
BearFramework\App\Data::isPublic - Checks if an object is marked as public
BearFramework\App\Data::isValidKey - Checks if an key is valid
BearFramework\App\Data::makePrivate - Marks object as private, so it cannot be accessed as an asset
BearFramework\App\Data::makePublic - Marks object as public so it can be accessed as an asset
BearFramework\App\Data::rename - Changes the key of the object specified
BearFramework\App\Data::search - Searches for items
BearFramework\App\Data::set - Saves data