Bear Framework is one of the easiest PHP frameworks you can find. See for yourself.

Getting started

Download and install - Easy and fast. Do you believe it can be only couple of seconds?
Create and configure your app - Easy but important step. After that you are ready to write your code.


Routing - Helps you map requests to specific handlers.
Data - Store and retrieve data from a file-based object storage.
Addons - Easily extend your app. Share functionality with others.
Logging - Log everything you find useful easily.
Context - Develop your app and an addon exactly the same way.
Assets - Image resizing and static files delivery are piece of cake.
Cache - Store frequently used data for later usage.
Config - Modify the framework configuration or add your own options.
Request - All the information you need about the current HTTP request.
Hooks - Get your code called when something of interest happens.
API - A full list of the Bear Framework objects